Sunday, March 11, 2007

CHANEL inspired by Godard.

Chanel shows an advertising campaign inspired by the film the Godard called " Le Mépris". The famous scene of opening where Brigitte Bardot, naked on her bed, shells her charms in front of the eyes of Michel Piccoli, was entirely transposed to the purpose of the spot.

Irony, this scene worshipped today, did not appear in the original scenario: it had been invented with by the scenario writer, under the pressure of its producers who wished to strip the star. The famous one “you love me… so you completely love me” in Chanel version will be showed on the screens TV (from March 3) and in cinemas (March 15).

Made by BETTINA Rheims, the film directs Julie Ordon in the role of Brigitte Bardot. The artistic direction was ensured by Jacques Helleu, the A.D of beauty department of the brand. The scenographic adaptation was designed by the collaborator of BETTINA Rheims, the novelist and photography expert Serge Bramly. Of course the star of this film is the lipstick: Allure red which is declined in 32 colours, including six new colors. It will be launched in spring.

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