Friday, March 9, 2007

Designers that love Contemporary Art

HEDI SLIMANE : "Art is a constant movement"

Hedi Slimane in front of "Untitled" an artwork by his friend Anselm Reyle (ont the right)

"Starting point ? I don't really remember a particular movement but very early, with my friend Hervé Mikaeloff, as we were still students of art history, we started to get interested in contemporary art. At the time, we were a group of people, meeting, getting together in galeries such as Emmanuel Perrotin's that had opened in street named Beaubourg street in Paris.

Your most important meeting ? Once, a morning, François Morellet came to my house. I had to take photographies of him and asked him to lend me one of his artwork for a group exhibition. He was about to turn 80 years old. I had been admiring him for so long. At the end of the 50's, he was the instigator of the minimal movement. But there are also my good friends Doug Aitken, Banks Violette, Anselm Reyle...

The quality that you look for in an artist ? Steadiness, especially now, when production can increase very fast so as to give an answer to a too-speculative market .

Your favorite galleries ? in Paris : Almine Rech, Emmanuel Perrotin; in London : Hotel, The Approach, Sadie Coles etc.; in Berlin : Neu Galerie, Johann König, Andt & Partner.

For you, art is ... a constant movement. I don't really like the idea that consist in sacralizing contemporary art, but rather the reflexion and the questionning of a time, out of the institutions..."

Banks Violette

KARL LAGERFELD : "Designers are artists".

"Starting point ? More than 40 years from now. That's where modernity started.

Last crush ? This table (check out the picture). It could be an artwork by Zaha Hadid but it was made in the 60's and I don't know who designed it. Very avant-garde for the time.

Your biggest madness ? I can't answer that question because of the good taste.

What state of mind are you in when you buy artwork ? Lack.

Are you an impulsive collector or rather a wise one ? Sometimes, I'd rather think a little.

The most significant artist you've met ? Jeff Koons; but today, for me designers such as Marc Nexson, Martin Szekely, The Bouroullec brothers or Zaha Hadid and Tadao Ando are artists of the same level.

The quality that you look for in an artist ? Their artwork.

Your favorite galleries ? In Paris : Kreo for the furnitures and design, as well as Perrotin and Thadeus Ropac for art. In Switzerland : gallery Gmurzynska, and in NYC : Place Mac Gill for photography.

What artist would you like to be taken in picture by ? Nowadays, I only like photography, Andy Warhol being dead.

The Bouroullec Brothers.
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