Thursday, March 1, 2007

Two stolen paintings by Picasso

Two paintings as well as a drawing have been stolen on the night of the 28th in the parisian house of the grand-daughter of the painter. Damage = 50 million dollars !

Will we ever see again "Maya with a doll" or "Portrait of Jacqueline", two paintings of Picasso stolent in the night of Monday to Tuesday in the Parisian residence of Diana Widmaier-Picasso, the grand-daughter of the painter, in the VIIth district of Paris? These works, from “huge”a commercial value, according to Paul Lombard the lawyer of the Picasso family, had “all necessary protections ”. Worldwide known and frequently published, it will be very hard for those who have stolen the pieces to sell them.

The painting representing Maya was stolen with its framework whereas the second painting (a portrait of Jacqueline, the second wife of Picasso, dating 1961) was cut out, according to him. Picasso's paintings, the most expensive artist in the world, has always been the target for robbers, particularly in 1976, when 118 works of Picasso had been stolen in a museum in Avignon. Twelve paintings, estimated at the time for 17 million dollars, had also been stolen on the Riviera in the residence of another grand-daughter of the painter, Marina Picasso, in 1989. They were found. Last year, in a museum of Rio de Janeiro, robbers had also stolen four paintings by Picasso as well as works of other Masters, for a total value of 50 million dollars.

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Picasso was my inspiration to be an artist, however I don't agree with some of his thoughts. SOmetimes he was very weird, but that's not an excuse to justify the stolen paintings.

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