Friday, September 18, 2009

Central St.Martins Launch Party Hosted by Stella McCartney and Peter Blake

Internationally renowned arts college, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (CSM), former home to some of the creative industries most successful players, will move their 4,500 strong student body into a specially designed campus complex in Kings Cross, in 2011. Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Lucien Freud, Matthew Williamson or Mona Hatoum are all alumni of University of the Arts which CSM "belongs" to. Needless to highlight the importance of this school to the creative industry sector.

Yesterday was the launch party to celebrate this move and I had the chance to attend it. Here are pictures of the event. Stella McCartney and "National Treasure" Sir Peter Blake were co-hosting the party and strongly highlighted the importance of CSM for UK economy.

"London is an incredibly inspiring city, everything comes to London: every gig, every exhibition, every theatrical performance. You get to see the world in London. It also has one of the best art, design and fashion colleges in the world - Central Saint Martins - breeding fantastic new talent. That is why King's Cross is so important for CSM and for London - it been designed to meet the needs of today's students and will bring all those amazing subjects under one roof." Stella McCartney, Fashion designer.

Stella also underlined the fact that London Fashion Week coincided with the birth of CSM. While UK is celebrating the 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week, there's no doubt CSM played an important role in raising London to what is perhaps the most innovative fashion capital.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Stella and Peter, much repsect but you should have done your research before supporting this unpopular move to Kings Cross. The Fashion department is getting 25% less studio space. Louise Wilson MA Course Director cannot comprehend the move from a great building that works for the Fashion and Fine Art school to a smaller space that noone wants to go to! ‘If fashion was moving to more space, that would be Ok,’ says Wilson. ‘If it was moving to the same amount of space, that would be bearable. But to be moving to less space? Well that’s inexplicable.’ PROF LOUISE WILSON OBE Course Director MA Fashion (LOVE Magazine 09) The move has no support from the majority of Fashion students and staff, we do not see the benefit of leaving a great building and location for a new build air con office environment with limited studio space.

read more here

Saint Martin said...

Visit the Facebook groups

WE LOVE CENTRAL ST MARTINS CHARING CROSS ROAD!/group.php?gid=56485082563&ref=mf

Saint Martin said...

At Kings Cross all first year fashion students will have a dedicated studio space. It is designed to hold 24 students. On Womenswear we have 60 students, Menswear 20 students, Print 25, Marketing 25 plus Knit and FCP. That makes atleast 130 first year fashion students.
You dont have to be a Mat...hematician to see the sums dont add up but you may have to be a Magician to work out the timetabling. And you will have to be a Magician to get a creative experience and workspace as a first year at the 'all improved' new Kings Cross underdevelopment

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