Friday, February 5, 2010

Exclusive interview with rising French Fashion Designer Maxime Simoens

I recently came across a very interesting show by Loic Prigent and Mlle Agnès
on the next generation of French Designers and I thought it was actually true to ask the question: who are they? I particularly liked the work of Maxime Simoens and so I thought I would get in touch and do an interview with him. Here's the result of this fascinating discussion with the emerging talent.

When is your brand born?
A year ago.

Who, from the fashion or "creative world" do you take your inspiration from?
Designers who revealed modernity of their times such as Vionnet, Jeanne Lanvin, Courreges, Cardin and Mugler but also from contemporary art such Vasarely, Olafur Eliasson and Jeff Koons.

Are you originally from Paris? Can you tell us a bit more about your background please?
I was born in Lille. Since my childhood I was attracted painting, drama and cinema.

Following 10 years of acting classes, I wanted to study filmmaking. To get into this school, I had to make a book describing my world; which as a result, I spent more time to draw than to express it through words.

But it was at the Madonna’s concert in 2001, that I realized that fashion was my vocation. I bought the program in which was displaying all the costumes made by Jean Paul Gaultier. At that precise moment I gave myself my first goal: to work for him ... which I reached 4 years later!

After passing my exams I went to Lyon to study fine arts. A year later I joined to the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.

I then worked for Fashion designers such as Elie Saab, accessories for Jean Paul Gaultier and finally embroidery at Christian Dior. Subsequently, I joined the studio of Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga where when it came to inspiration, embroidery and prints were my main tasks.

Can you tell us about your latest collection?
It all started with the kaleidoscope, infinite combinations of shapes and colours, a childhood marked by the thirst of for striking images.

During the progress of the collection, the death of Michael Jackson affected me a lot. He was the Icon of my youth, - I remember dressing like him wearing a wig and a glove when I was a kid - I would not be too literal, the cut, the colours but also the colour brightness of subjects.

What do you think about French Fashion's scene?
It is the right balance between minimalism New Yorker, the sexy Italian and English extravagance. The French designers have a sense of chic and elegance.

Have you had any support from any other fashion figure?
The realization of the brand was made by our own experiences, but from my first presentation, journalists such as Mlle Agnes or Lawrence Dombrowicz encouraged me!

What are you expressing through your designs?
I hope to achieve timelessness and a garment which goes through the ages is a real challenge. It must be part of a current fashion, make a difference with the others but do not become excessive !

Are you showing at Paris Fashion week?
Yes, during the week of Prêt à Porter, the last presentation took place in October.

What projects do you have upcoming?
The presentation of the Winter 2010/2011 collection in March.

Where can we find your designs?
We are distributed in France, in Cannes and in Paris at Maria Luisa and Suite 114, and in the rest of the world, in Italy by Luisa Via Roma in Germany, in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S., Canada, Japan , Russia and even Uzbekistan.

To finish with, what would you wish to this blog?
A sumptuous and creative life filled with beautiful vibrations!

Thanks to Maxime and Tomek.
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