Monday, May 17, 2010

Exclusive interview with David M. Buisán

I was lucky enough to meet artist and illustrator David M. Buisán who is based in Barcelona. The characters he draws are fascinating and his style instantly recognisable. He's definitely the guy to watch ! Here is the exclusive interview (thanks so much David !) :

How would you describe yourself and your art?
In my illustrations, I just try to mix everything I like, and that includes all those nerd references I love. I am a so-called  of science fiction, fantasy, superheroes "fanboy". I also like my works to reveal many layers, like onions. A bit like those medieval paintings where you see a cherry tree in the background through a window being a symbol of a lost paradise. One can stay at the surface and see a nice image, or look at the details and find the secret meaning.

Are you represented by a gallery and do you currently have a show?
I'm not quite into exhibitions. I take part in a show only when they repeatly ask me to do  (stage fright, I guess). I will soon be participating in The Fearless Project exhibition at Robert Goff gallery (June 17th, NY).

Have you ever collaborated with other organisations?
Not yet, but I'm always open to proposals.

Where do you take your inspiration from?
It's hard to explain. To summarize, I would say my inspiration is always a mixture of things that I have around and things in my head.

If you were not an artist, what would you be doing?
I had always liked the world of comics and illustration, and since I was a child, I've good at it. I've never consciously decided to be an artist, rather it was as a process for years. And in the end, I realize that if I were not an artist, I could not do anything else.

Do you consider that Art is Alive?
Not only Alive, but always Mutating.

Who would you be interested to work with?
Someone challenging, perhaps involving fashion design, it's a world that I haven't explored yet.

Is Barcelona impacting on your design?
Not Barcelona for itself, but its people, its scene.. my friends, in a nutshell.

To finish with, what would you wish to this blog?
Live long, and prosper!

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Wormgirl said...

So that's the drawing of you that he made?! Great! I love it! ;-)


tres tres bien

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