Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The "Cinema Effect" exhibition at Caixa Forum in Barcelona

Opening with the famous "Sleep" film by Andy Warhol, the exhibition The Cinema Effect taking place at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona showcases film and video works by a range of influential and emerging international artists who explore the ever-increasing impact of the cinema on our perceptions of what's real and what's illusion.

Douglas Gordon

Using an array of small-screen videos, digital pieces, large-scale projections and immersive installations the artists use the language and technics of films to create works that question our reality.

Among the very interesting pieces, I really liked Douglas Gordon's Off Screen piece which consisted in a video projection onto red curtain. In this work, an actual curtain made of screen-like material is overlaid by a red projected curtain, creating a three dimensional trompe l'oeil effect. People who pass through become performers which echo the Andy Warhol's concept of the 15 minutes of fame (the "Sleep" film sits just next to this installation). 

The 2006's impressive Anthony McCall's installation "You and I, Horizontal II" was as fascinating as always, ( I remember the solo show at the Serpentine in London which already impressed me). It creates a real mystical, immersive experience...

Anthony McCall

Other highlights included Christoph Girardet's "Release" video which consisted in a collage of four takes from the 1933 cult classic King Kong which imitates the dynamics of pursuit, constraint and physical release, scary and hilarious at the same time...

Christophe Girardet

The show closes on 4th September so if you have a chance to see it, if you're in Barcelona, I recommend it.

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