Wednesday, August 24, 2011

‘Indonesian Eye: Fantasies and Realities at the Saatchi Gallery

Rudi Mantofani, The Earth and The World, 2006 

Indonesian Eye, is Europe’s first major exhibition of Indonesian contemporary art and it will open at the Saatchi Gallery in London on 1 September.

This exhibition gives the opportunity to view works by major Indonesian artists and provides a  platform for the country’s contemporary art scene to reach an international audience. It comprises a selection of paintings, sculptures and installations by 18 Indonesian artists including [Nindityo Adipurnomo, Samsul Arifin, Ay Tjoe Christine] and pays tribute to Indonesia’s ancient myths and legends, while also reflecting the influence of modern Indonesia. Several satirical works employ traditional materials to highlight the country’s rapidly changing society. Some of the works also refer to the  influence of Indonesia’s Dutch colonial past. 

Rudi Mantofani, The Earth and The World, 2006

I look forward to seeing it!

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