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Exclusive interview with Lorenzo Martone

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I am quite happy about this interview: Lorenzo Martone, international entrepreneur, fashion professional, (also known as Marc Jacob's ex-boyfriend if you are into gossip) agreed to answer my questions about his tastes in art, his brazilian origins, and his new swimwear collection which is really exciting and I am really thankful ! Enjoy this rare and exclusive interview:

How would you describe yourself?
I find myself being a guy who has a very clear and simple goal in life: To be happy. Many things make me happy - so I surround myself with them, like for an example: Love, Art, Music, Fashion, and Food. I'm a big time dreamer - but I know how to be persistent and to fight for things - till they become true. I'm one of these types that care. Just care. I think I'm considered warm... maybe because of the Brazilian background? I find myself being sometimes too hard, on myself and on others, too demanding and attached to details. I'm a bit of a control freak. I'm a stubborn sometimes. Hey - I'm a good soul too - not everything should be negative right?

Where about are you from in Brazil and are you close to your roots?

I was born in Sao Paulo - in Brazil - today with 18 million people living there. Scary, busy, noisy place - but currently hot! The art and music scene is booming there. I've been out of Brazil for 8 years now - and in the beginning - when I lived in Madrid, then France - I went very little to Brazil - once a year.... but since I've been in NY - I've been going a lot more - maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I see it with different eyes. And yes - I'm close to my family - we get along reasonably well. We even managed to have a X-Mas celebration together this year - an exception in modern families, don't you agree?

Is Brazil an inspiration for the Nycked Swimwear Line?

No - Brazil didn't inspire me at all for Nycked. My swimwear line (that I design and manage with Jules Kim - from Bijules) is inspired by New York City. It’s a line totally based in the New York experience. Even the name (we transformed NYC into a verb) transpires the dynamism of New York. We look at New York as this place where fashion is so prominent in people’s life. Style is just EVERYWHERE. And sometimes it’s not in a very polished, glossy way - like in France or Italy. We always joke, calling this city: “the dirty sexy New York ".
ur inspiration comes from the fact that New Yorkers mix social wear and snickers, or the architecture of places play important role into fashion design. We use solid colours. And runway inspired embellishments. It’s a simple construction - we respect the functionality a swim piece needs to have - but we added our aesthetic - influenced by the night life for instance.

Where can we buy it?

The first retailers carrying Nycked (the products will hit the stores in April ) are: Saks (in New York and Bal Harbor) , ( online ) and The Wynn in Vegas.
We are proud of this selective distribution. All three retailers were very excited with the concept of our brand and this celebration of New York City. Not only are they buying Nycked for the product - but also the concept, the story telling aspect. They believe and agree with us - New York City is very inspirational as a life style and if we can package that and sell it in the form of a bikini – it’s great - many girls around the world will be living a bit of the New York lifestyle - even if in their pools - in the middle of the country!

How does it feel to become a fashion designer?
I didn't become a fashion designer. My background is in advertising and Public Relations. But I'm a story teller. I've been dealing with ad campaigns and publicizing that content with the fashion press. I created the concept for Nycked - mood boards, and the inspiration - and then met Jules Kim - our designer - to make that into reality - she understands and she shares my vision.

I do help to sketch every once in a while - but I don't know how to make it in the computer - they are hand made sketches - that illustrate one IDEA - they are not technical.

Perhaps the best way to answer your question is: how did it feel to start a fashion business? The answer is: amazing! I always had this dream to experiment product development. Advertising and Public relations fall both in the "service" industry - and I helped so many brands to become successful - it is my turn now!

You are a beautiful man, have you ever been tempted to become a full-time model yourself? And if you had to chose which brand would it be for?

Thank you for the compliment. I did modelling when I was 23 - had just moved to Spain - had an agency, business cards etc - but it didn’t last very long - I moved to Madrid to work with this company - and soon it became very busy - so I couldn't do both.
I think now I might be a little over-age for modelling hahaha - but If I had that chance would be Dolce & Gabbana or Armani - an Italian brand that would appreciate my latin/italian background ? Lorenzo says smiling.

Who is the female model to look forward to in 2011?
2011 is a great year for models. I feel with ARC NY we are trying to bring back the Super Models Era, that mystery that Cindy, LInda, Naomi and Christy use to have in the 80's.
Of course all of my girls are big candidates for 2011 - and among them I think Alessandra Ambrosio, Irina Shayk and Maryna Linchuk are in that time of their lives where everything seems to be just blossoming. I'm also enchanted with Dree Hemingway and Karlie Kloss. Fashion week in New York is about to happen - so lets see who makes it big!

Regarding your tastes in art and design: who is your favourite contemporary artist and your favourite designer and why?

My favorite contemporary artist is John Currin. He’s one of the few left that didn't go mass production. Each painting is truly unique - and even his series are small and each painting does NOT look like one another. He uses old masters techniques to achieve an incredible modern take on current society. I also like Aaron Young, Richard Prince, Damien Hirst. I went to Art Basel again this last December and saw a bunch of things that I truly loved. I also found out that Castelbajac paints - and it’s amazing work.

For designers - I think Marc (Art is Alive: Jacobs) does a great job for women. And Maria Cornejo has amazing shapes. Francisco Costa keeps rocking for Calvin in terms of construction. For men I love Dior Homme – it is my favorite brand. I fell in love for it when I lived in Paris - its such a Parisian boy thing... a little community of guys obsessed with that brand. Neil Barret has great ideas too.

Which exhibition have you recently liked?

Marina Abramovic at the MoMA in New York is unforgettable. That piece with the 3 movies ( "empty my body, empty my soul, empty my heart ) are so strong. She is so strong. She first decides to say EVERY word that comes to her mind - on camera - until she faints of hungry/ or fatigue - who knows. Then, naked, with a bag covering her head, she dances, dances, and jumps, for HOURS..... same deal, until she collapses. And the last - she screams, screams out loud, always on camera... for hours... until her voice disappears. It was magical. Very powerful message about limitations and setting up goals to yourself.

Are you an art collector yourself and if so, what do you collect?

I'm what one calls a junior collector. I just started putting together some pieces - that make me smile every morning. I have one Murakami - a drawing he made - with a sharpie - and gave to me in 2008. Then I have one Aaron Young, one Mr Brainwash and one picture by this Italian young photographer called Alessandro Simonetti - its called WONDER. It’s beautiful.

In addition, I collect sculptures from this American designer: Curtis Jere. It’s very 70's. I have 3 pieces by him, including this brass bird, very big, very conceptual - that lays on a choral. It’s gorgeous.

ou live in NYC, but you've also lived in Paris so which one is the best: Paris or New York?

Both cities are great. Paris is beautiful and transpires culture. People are interesting and it’s close to other amazing European capitals. And its very romantic - perfect place to live the cheesiest love story of your life. But it’s a bit provincial and slow.

New York is sexy. It’s dynamic and people want to do things. It’s fast and edgy. I love both - but of course New York is my home - and I will never leave. I was made for this place.

Are you dating anyone at the moment?
I'm not dating anyone at the moment. Single and ready to mingle!

A big thank you Lorenzo!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

King Karl shots Olivier Theyskens for the Maison Michel Spring 2011 Lookbook

I think this shot, which is inspired by Frida Kahlo is absolutely amazing!

Embedded Project by HHDFUN, in China

More info on:

Tod's to sponsor the renovation of Rome's Coliseum

Diego Della Valle, the chairman and CEO of Tod’s, is said to finance the restoration of Rome’s Coliseum. Tod’s Group will be financing 25 million euros to renovate the symbolic monument, a project which is to start at end of 2011 and which will take more than two years to be completed.

"A monument that represents Italy in the world must be restored, and a company that represents Made in Italy stepped forward to say, 'If you need us, we are here,'" Della Valle said at a press conference in Italy.

Christian Lacroix designs for Spanish brand DESIGUAL

Christian Lacroix has been pretty busy since his own label has gone bankrupt and I am really happy for him. He spent his time designing stage costumes, hotels, trams, curating exhibitions etc. He’s now reborn under the role of Artistic Director for the Barcelona-brand DESIGUAL. Desigual by Monsieur Lacroix, is the 2011 Fall capsule collection which consists in 30 pieces and a bigger collection is already announced for Spring 2012. It was previewed in Barcelona at Barcelona Fashion Week where I live.

Well done Christian, you’re a genius!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jesus is good - Jean-Luc Moerman for ADN Gallery in Barcelona

Lo-fi sofa by Christiane Högner

What's the first item that comes to your mind when you think about being confortable? A pillow of course! This was the basic material to build this amazing sofa. The designer is Christiane Högner and I think it's a call for relaxation!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pascual Sisto: Ne travaillez jamais

Carmichael Gallery : After the Rain

Maison Martin Margiela follows the Androginity trend

For the Pre-Fall 2011, Maison Martin Margiela featured menswear-inspired cuts and the lookbook confirms the Androginity trend (spreading accross fashion magazines such as LOVE or I-D) with models with unidentified sex...

Happy Birthday Paul Cézanne

The French painter turns 172 today!

Karl Lagerfeld's exhibition at the 18 Gallery in Shanghai

Karl Lagerfeld is an acclaimed photographer, this is no big news. To celebrate the photographic career of King Karl, the 18 Gallery in Shanghai will showcase a selection of shots taken in the early 1990's, featuring models Linda Evangelista, Helena Christiensen and Adnan Taletovich, who co-curated this exhibition. The opening is tomorrow and the show will last until 20th February.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kate Moss and Lea T are in LOVE

This is a cover which is likely to arouse controversy. Kate Moss and Lea T, transexual model, and Givenchy's Artistic Director's muse are kissing to promote the issue of the UK-based magazine LOVE, this time dedicated to Androginity. Kate Moss wears Chanel gloves. Are you shocked? I am not...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quote of the week: Anna Wintour on model Arizona Muse

"When I look at Arizona, I see shades of Linda Evangelista and Natalia Vodianova, but most of all, I see her, a gorgeous, smart grown-up. And how could anyone resist someone with that name?"  Anna Wintour on Arizona Muse, being the next biggest model, Vogue US, February 2011 issue.

Fellini's Satyricon

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Burton's first Alexander McQueen campaign

Window World by Karl Lagerfeld | The Short Movie

The new Chanel movie is scary. "Windows World", made by Karl himself, features models Magdalena Frackowiak and Barbara Dvorakova playing mannequins in a weird atmosphere... I think it's interesting because unusual!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Dalí Museum opened in Florida

A new Dalí Museum opened in St Petersburg, in Florida today. Designed by architect Yann Weymouth of the HOK, it is reported that it costed 36 million dollars. The opening saw in attendance Susan Sarandon and more art personnalities... So looking forward to visiting it...

Kate Moss, Balmain, Antony and the Johnsons

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brune / Blonde exhibition in la Cinémathèque de Paris

The interesting Brune / Blonde exhibition taking place in Paris at the Cinémathèque until 16th January, explores the myths and influence of the hair colour in cinema through the most famous actresses and films.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Black Swan's posters - Darren Aronofski

Although I am a not a fan of Natalie Portman at all, I think that Darren Aronofski is a genius (he's the Director of Requiem for a Dream amongst others). The posters for the upcoming movie, which is already described as a masterpiece, are fascinating. They're the result of the London-based creative agency La Boca ! Enjoy !

Paula Rego awarded by the Mapfre Foundation

Last December, the Portuguese / London-based artist Paula Rego has been awarded by the Mapfre Foundation in Spain the "Drawing Price" (Premio Penagos de Dibujo 2010). Congratulations, you're amazing !  

I shop therefore I am - Barbara Krueger

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quote of the week: Karl Lagerfeld

On his longevity: "I never think of what's going on after me. I never think of what's next. I only think of the moment."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oscar Niemeyer celebrated his birthday opening one Centre in Spain and his Foundation in Rio

On 15th December, Oscar Niemeyer celebrated his 103th birthday and on this particular day opened in Spain the cupola of the Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre in the Asturian city of Aviles. But not only was this building inaugurated, his own Foundation in Rio de Janeiro as well... at least virtually, because it's not completed yet. But the Brazilian genius insisted on opening it anyway on that day. The fear to pass away too early?

With 600 buildings around the world, Niemeyer doesn't stop working. He is currently designing plans for a cathedral in Belo Horizonte, a football museum, which will be named after Pele, in Santos, an aquarium in Buzios, and a church in Petropolis and more projects outside Brazil in Algiers and Rosario in Argentina.

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre's photographs of the decaying Detroit City

A nice and rare picture of Kurt Cobain

Poor fellow, he looks so innocent... I find this picture striking!

Casa Malaparte

Exclusive interview with graphic artist Alexey Kurbatov

I am bringing you an amazing Russian graphic artist. His name is Alexey Kurbatov and he produces BEAUTIFUL artworks which look like collages... 

How would you describe yourself and your art?
There is a divergence familiar to everyone: who I am and who I want to seem. For instance, I wanted to paint disturbed lyrics, a second before a catastrophe, insecurity or the loneliness of a little man the way it would not look like a soap opera or a melodrama. Sometimes I want to make thriller - to convey horror so that it would become inexplicably terrifying. And sometimes to make all these topics together and with a shade of absurd. Probably it turns out to be something else. But at last it's unimportant if it caught someone's attention for more than 5 seconds.

Once, two women were listening to one of 46 Haydn's symphonies. Both were excited after listening and close to tears: one was scared by sinister untrodden wood, the other worried about furry rabbit running about meadow. I'm sure that Haydn himself had imagined these options...

Are you represented by a gallery and do you currently have a show?
I held an exhibition in July this year. Now I'm preparing the next one. But in my point of view it has relative benefits. Back to musical analogies: the majority of people is satisfied with recordings but only 10% attend concerts. You can see all my works on the Internet without leaving your armchair. You can buy magazines in any kiosk and not visit any gallery. In my opinion, that's great. Exhibitions are important for those who are really unique in their creation, whose works are worth your three hours trip to the megalopolis. But painters-illustrators can be mostly noticed in magazines.

Have you ever collaborated with other organisations?
I am glad to work with concrete people. I understand people better than organizations. So that I do not belong to anything like that somehow. I work with writers, musicians, priests, journalists, magazines, banks, design-studios, press agencies and with those who just want to make a birthday present to their beloved...

If you were not an artist, what would you be doing?
Maybe I would have chosen something sounder, indispensable for people and different for my family and friends. Something reliable and irrefutable...

Do you consider that Art is Alive?
Of course. And first of all because of an effect, that it produces, it can't be taken to screws. How can books written hundred years ago in Russia make huge impressions on Japanese living today? This happens. Can one predict art? No. All of these are signs of alive processes.

Who would you be interested to work with?
I'd like to work with some foreign magazines a lot. Overall, I'm interested in seeing how people work abroad. Will I be understood in other countries and will my works be considered interesting? This is a task for the next year. Yet I'm gaining experience, trying to paint more. It takes it's normal course. I'm not in a hurry.

To finish with, what would you wish to this blog?
First of all I wish you not to be mixed up in the visual streams that exist on the Internet. Everyday thousands of images appear on the net. There are more and more authors, all write, sing or paint. It's great but in such a stream one may miss unique things. I wish you to have a sincere interest in the creations of people all around the world. We should be attentive to everyone if possible.

More info on:

The LELUKO chair by Lima de Lezando

More info on:

Timothy Taylor Gallery - Hans Hartung

Timothy Taylor Gallery  in London, presents the first exhibition of Hartung's work in London since 1996.

In his last ten, highly productive years (1980 - 1989), the German-born artist both expanded upon and revisited many of the themes and techniques that he had used throughout his career. Using spray paint and rollers, garden rakes and olive branches as brushes, Hartung, despite advanced age and infirmity, produced extraordinarily dynamic and powerful paintings in his home and studio complex in Antibes, France. Whether large paintings only lightly touched by a fine mist of paint, or dramatic dark and heavily impastoed works, these ultra-modern canvasses express ideas of infinity and the sublime on the one hand, and existential inner torment on the other.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2011 Full Fashion Show

Picasso "treasure trove"

Last year, the media highly reported that the former electrician of Pablo Picasso, at the time when the artist was based in the villa "La California" in the south of France, was in possession of 271 artworks of the master estimated at 80 million $. True or false, the story was captivating, maybe because Picasso's son immediately felt it was a thievery. Here is one the most beautiful drawings from the treasure...

Exclusive interview with scriptwriter and singer-songwriter T-ka

I rarely write about music, only when it's worth it. In this case, I wanted to interview with T-ka, a talented artist who's got her own creative universe. She agreed to answer my questions, here it is for you only!

How would you describe yourself and how would you describe your music?
I am a scriptwriter and a singer-songwriter. My music is a mix of soul and pop mainly. But my music is under a lot of other influences too...

What are you inspired by?
I'm inspired by a lot of things: but mainly by the observation of others and well, myself and my relationships to the others...

What are yor upcoming projects?
I have just finished a feature-length comedy script called the Nagger with my co-writer Hugh Prior. And I am currently composing a new album for T-ka as well as a new album for a riot girl band called My car is Black. As a result I'm looking for band members. Found the drummer and the bassist yet but we're still looking for a keyboardist and a guitarist. Must be all females of course and London-based.

If you had the choice to collaborate with someone, who would it be?
Prince. He's the guy whose music is so rich I could listen to it forever. However his collaborations aren't really collabs. I don't think anybody has managed to impose anything on Prince yet...

What is your favourite theme for lyrics?
At the moment I write songs where I'm taking the piss about myself. And all the weird stories that have happened to me...

When is your next concert?
Good question: I just did my last gig as T-ka in December. After 10 years spent under that name, I want a new one and won't perform again as long as I haven't found it: should be early 2011. As to when the first My car is black gig will take place, it all depends on when we find the missing members for the band - hopefully by May 2011.

To finish with, what would you wish to this blog?
"Bon vent" as we say in French and that more and more people read it... Also that you manage to interview and meet all the people you've always dreamt to meet!

Monday, January 3, 2011

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