Friday, April 29, 2011

Quotes and images of the day: the Royal Wedding

She is very elegant," Karl Lagerfeld told France 2 television. "The dress is classic and goes very well in the Westminster decor. It almost reminds me of Queen Elizabeth's wedding, the royal weddings in the Fifties. The proportion of the train is good. The lace is very pretty. I like the veil a lot."

"I like the dress very much, simpler than expected: A combination just in between 1956 Grace Kelly and 1947 Queen Elizabeth dress," Christian Lacroix told WWD. "I love the modest veil with the Queen Mother's Thirties scroll tiara and balanced volume of the whole gown. She's radiant; she never was so beautiful. And Prince William's red Irish uniform is gorgeous."

"The dress is very simple and very nice," Hubert de Givenchy added. "The veil is a little flat, but because she has such a lovely face, she can afford to wear it this way. She is very pretty." About choosing a dress from McQueen, whose founder committed suicide last year, De Givenchy said: "It's a lovely thought, a nice tribute."

"Kate's dress was simply elegant," Viktor & Rolf said. "Her hair down was a beautiful and natural touch, and the tiara was stunning. She looked as at-ease as humanly possible and was radiant. Our compliments."

"It has been the experience of a lifetime to work with Catherine Middleton to create her wedding dress, and I have enjoyed every moment of it," Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen.

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Ground Control to Major Tom" - Vincent Fournier's impressive photographs

Striking images by French photographer Vincent Fournier. Fournier's work focuses on the interiors of Chinese, Russian and US space agencies and astronauts training sessions in Chile and China. The result is impressive.

MECAL Short Film Festival in Barcelona

The International Barcelona Short Film Festival Mecal Pro 2011celebrated its 13th edition this year with the projection of over 300 short films in different areas of Barcelona from 8 to April 17, 2011.  

The Festival has initiated a close collaboration with the Base Film Festival, the debut festival organized by the School of Cinema and Audiovisual de Catalunya (ESCAC) and Escandalo Films production. This partnership allows Mecal to expand its efforts to promote Education through Cinema.

More info on:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kiss me Kate: Vogue Paris - May issue

Antony and the Johnsons - Swanlights (official video)

Swanlights directed and produced by Sara Hegarty - beautiful and very "Bill Viola"...

The Tate Modern shows its support to Ai Weiwei

The Brits are always the ones with the biggest balls and the most innovative... I love it!

The Tate Modern has released this message of support to the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who was recently detained at Beijing Airport by the local authorities on its façade like a "big f*ck you" to the world. The amazing institution is also encouraging people to sign the petition calling for the artist's release.

The gallery is currently showing Ai Weiwei's sunflower seeds installation, which I had the chance to see last weekend, in its Turbine Hall space.To help spread word of petition, it is suggesting that people show solidarity by using this photo as their avatar on Twitter. Tate's Twitter feed is here.

I say well done, at least you have the guts to stand for what you believe in!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

David Bowie is my hero

The Zig Zag-Chair by Zaha Hadid for Sawaya and Moroni

This incredible Zig Zag chair by starchitect / designer Zaha Hadid for producers Sawaya & Moroni was presented in Milan last week at the Salone del Mobile 2011.

Exclusive interview with British artist Pandemonia

I first met Pandemonia at London Fashion Week two years ago and I was immediately intrigued by this character. So I wanted to know more about her typical day, tastes in fashion and art, and obviously the impact of London on her career. The self described "dizzy blonde bombshell" agreed to answer my questions and here are the answers for your own delight !

Who is your favourite contemporary artist?
Today it is Takashi Murakami tomorrow it might be someone else - its always changing.

How did it all start for you?
It all started on a drawing board. I'm a man made creation.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?
Schiaparelli, her work are surrealist pieces of art.. She often collaborated with Cocteau, who was a great artist.

If you were to collaborate with someone who would it be and would the project be?

I'd collaborate with Mattel. Every one keeps asking me for Pandemonia dolls.

If you were to collaborate with someone who would it be and would the project be?

I'd collaborate with Mattel. Every one keeps asking me for Pandemonia dolls.
Being in OK magazine. As an artist it is important to communicate with the public. My image was delivered straight to its target audience.

What's a typical Pandemonia's day?

Walk the dog, ride around in taxis, going to glamorous events..... Living the idealized life!

What is your next project?

In May, I am being flown out to Athens for a book signing at the Museum of Modern Art and a press conference on the steps of the Acropolis. Then it's back to London for my sculpture show! I'm putting together a body of work which will be shown at the Aubin Gallery later in the year.

(London Fashion Week: my first meet with Pandemonia - check out I am behind her...)

What's your fav part of London?Park Lane. Its even on the monopoly board. The Parker Brothers during the last depression in 1934 knew it was a classy road.

To finish with, what do you think about the blog and what would you wish me?
It's a nice blog. I wish you more interviews !

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Tom Ford Neroli Portofino's ad

Andres Serrano's Piss Christ attacked

The photograph of a crucifix drawned in piss by New York artist Andres Serrano, has been attacked by Christians extremists. It was displayed in Avignon, in France at the Yvon Lambert art space. 

The attackers broke the glass and slashed the image. Yvon Lambert, who has said to be "persecuted" by extremists who had sent him tens of thousands of complaint emails and bombarded the museum with spam said that "we were back to the Middle Age".

I quite agree with him, just have a look at the comments on my post about Soasig Chamaillard's exhibition in Nantes! It's extreme... no doubt the artwork's value will dramatically increase...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2011 Lyon Biennale: A terrible beauty is born

A terrible beauty is born
Guest Curator : Victoria Noorthoorn
Artistic Director : Thierry Raspail

The title of the next Biennale de Lyon, A Terrible Beauty Is Born, is a verse from the poem Easter, 1916 written by W.B. Yeats on September of that year on the general uprising by which the Irish claimed emancipation from the British. At first sight, the poem could be read as celebrating the martyrs that gave their life for the cause of independence. Yet upon further scrutiny, it becomes clear that the attitude of the speaker is one of perplexity and doubt. The poem shifts uneasily between affirmation, question and negation. It is, fundamentally, at war with itself.

As such, the title is more a methodological tool rather than a theme per se. It enables the project to explore the force of paradox and contradiction, tension and ambivalence, and to address the state of urgency in the world and in the arts today. Articulated through a series of parcours or narratives, the exhibition intends to address the density of the present as well as the power of the imaginary, the visionary and the hallucinatory.

More info on:

The miBa, Barcelona’s “Museum of Ideas and Inventions” opened its doors

The miBa emerges as the inevitable next step for Pep Torres, the Spanish founder of Stereo-noise, a creative laboratory based in his Barcelona hometown where the museum will be located. Present in last year’s Time Magazine’s 50 best investors ranking, Pep Torres describes himself as a professional inventor, media personality and now museum director. 

Although he privately invested 250,000 euros in the 600-sqm museum located at 7 Calle Ciutat at the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic district, it is not designed to be “an ego museum”, said Torres to the Art Newspaper, but rather “aims to awaken visitors’ creativity and inspire them to bring their ideas to life. It will not be a museum of science or history of design but something that doesn’t exist yet in this world” he continued. 

A permanent collection of objects designed by him and other worldwide inventors will be complemented by temporary exhibitions and a series of original conferences and training courses to stimulate visitors to think and experience creativity.

“If this works well, the format could be repeated in other cities around the world. I am already thinking about miLo: the Museum of Ideas and Inventions in London.” added Torres ambitiously.

Flashback: Uma for AnOther Magazine

It's a bit old I agree with you but I still love this cover and I wanted to show it... Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quote of the week: Guido Westerwelle on Ai Weiwei

"I appeal to the Chinese governmennt to urgently provide clarification and I expect Ai Weiwei to be released immediately" Guido Westerwelle, German Foreign Minister.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Faye Dunaway is on the cover of the next Cannes Film Festival's poster

Beautiful !

Love this Prada look

Alexander McQueen at the MET - no needs for words now

The humanizer - Driving Renault's latest concept cars

From the spotlights of international motorshows to the reality of the road track, objects of desire such as concept cars are accustomed to vanishing like mirages in the desert once you come close to them. Some engineers though are more akin to make the dream come true and create pure objects ofdesign able to ride and eventually to give their drivers the impression of moving fastforward to the future. French car maker Renault has presented in Geneva a small crossover - a politically accepted version of the SUV - called Captur, as well as a compact van named R-Space - be sure to pronounce it the French way like 'Espace', since it is a tribute to Renault's 25 year minivan history - and offered us the opportunity to take a ride. The electrical Zoe show car was invited to the road party too.

You may say what's the point of engineering such cars, if they are bound to stay unique anyway? Fair enough. Well first, let me give you the classical corporate speech from product managers: concept cars explore new aesthetic themes which will be applied to the upcoming mainstream cars. Renault's main message here is interesting somehow. Unlike the current trend to xerox the same design, especially for the front end, from the smallest car in the range to the biggest - who coughed VW Group?- its next cars will try to take on the challenge of building a common idendity with still independant designs. If we take a look at Captur and R-Space, the grown logo in the centre and the extending shape of the grill create an immediate and strong family link, whereas designers played on the form of the headlights and indicators, as well as on their disposition and integration within the grill to bring their own personnalities to each car. The grill in itself also gets a visually different treatment, biting back in the lower part of the bumper or reaching a little higher in the hood, when not close to disappearing in transparency on the Zoe.

Another challenge for Renault designers is to bring back what used to make Renaults friendly to people, showing bits of humanity like the smiley faces of the Renault 5 or the first Clio and Twingo for instance. A gimmick definitely and sadly lost in the years 2000. The 're-humanization' process rises on Captur and R-Space with the muscular aspect of the car body, made of tensed curves and hollows, like on the side doors. The general design does not mean the rebirth of the 90s popular bio design though, which took its inspiration from nature with very round shapes but failed to convey any kind of dynamism. This process is also visible on the Captur through the skeleton of the structure appearing on the pillars and roof, while the creation of a face plays here with the front indicators, small LED-lamps covering the headlights like an eye lid. On the Zoe, watch the daylight lamps in the shape of dimples in the front bumper.

Driving these unique pieces is also about the feeling of experiencing a pure object of design, with its qualities and defects. The huge windscreen of the R-Space has for consequence an impressive never-ending dash-board which makes you feel like driving a space-ship. The white colour dominating in the inside, from floor to roof, combined with the huge glass surface and egg- like chairs convey the impression of floating in the car and above the road. Sitting on the string-structered seats of the Captur was an interesting ventilating experience too! On the other side, being short will prevent you from reaching the pedals properly in the R-Space, while being tall will put your head in a close intimacy of the roof in the Captur. So now we know why designers do not always have the final word "in real life".


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prada SS2011 ad campaign

I love it!

Amnesty Internationl posters

La Colombe et le Prisonnier, 1959 by Pablo Picasso 

Flight From Tyranny, 1975 (US) by Alexander Calder

Football Yes, Torture No, 1978 (Germany)

  Prisoner Of Conscience, 1977 (US) by Miró

Friday, April 1, 2011

Eduardo Souto de Moura wins Pritzker Prize

Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura is the 2011 Pritkzer Prize laureate. Congratulations! Parabens !

Madame Grès, la couture à l’oeuvre in Paris

"Madame Grès, la couture à l’oeuvre" is the first retrospective dedicated to the Parisian fashion visionary Germaine Krebs a.k.a Madame Grès. The  inspiring and beautiful exhibition is held at the Galliera Museum and features models, and photographs by Richard Avedon or Guy Bourdin, another idol...

15 Minutes of Fame Gallery

Further to my previous post, I've had a tremendous amount of responses, this is really cool ! I should open the "15 Minutes of Fame Gallery" really soon !

Keep on sending your pix ! And thank you so much supporters !
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